BIRTH: 1993.09.03
POSITION: Vocalist / Maknae
FUTURE DREAM: Designer / Visual Director
FEARS: Spiders

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ignoring hyung? *W*
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Jongie’s Legs 4th giveaway and birthday letter project!

The project: Send Sungjong a letter or message for his birthday for free, and you could win some Jong goodies!

So, after reading that Sungjong likes to read fan letters backstage, I thought it would be great to just send him a letter for his birthday, via one of the big fansites organising presents for him. Then I thought about all the Jong fans who maybe can’t afford to join the Korean fansite projects or post things to Korea but would still like to give him some support. And so I decided to make him a letter book as my present, AND combine it with a giveaway.

How to join the project and giveaway:
What would you like to say to Sungjong? Send your answer to my email address: and basically I will print it off, and collate it to send to him, along with my own letter, via one of the fansite-nims.


What you can win:
I’m assembling a bundle of goodies right now including~
Season 2 CD with SJ photocard
Sungjong socks
Sungjong photo badge, postcards and stickers
A random Infinite poster
An official Infinite handtowel
-and other lovely things TBA

Please read these notes before you email anything!

-You may only enter the giveaway once, and that can only be done by sending me your message/letter for Jong.

- No exceptions to the deadline! This gives me enough time to collate and send the letter book out to a fansite-nim in time for his 22nd.

-After the deadline closes, I will choose a winner by picking an email address at random. Please respond promptly if you get a mail from me!

-Feel free to write your message in Korean or English, or both! I won’t be translating anything, so be aware his English level is pretty low.
Keep it simple if it’s not in Korean.

-Make sure you spellcheck or get your letter proofread. I won’t be correcting things for you, or accepting multiple versions of one letter. Do check before you send!

-You can either write your message in the email body, or send me a PDF or jpg attachment of it. Feel free to handwrite your letter and scan it, draw pics, do whatever you like. I have a HQ colour printer.

-You don’t have to give me your real name or any other personal details in the email to enter the draw, if you are a prize winner I will simply contact you via email.

-You don’t have to be following me on twitter or tumblr to enter this giveaway, but feel free to RT and Reblog this info to encourage other fans to participate.

-No fanfic, OTP related stuff or other adult content pls, let’s make it supportive and friendly letters/fanart/messages for the man only. Thanks for your understanding.

-I won’t share your letter anywhere with anyone except Sungjong/his Korean fansite admin nor use your email address after the giveaway is drawn for any random reason. Feel free to send me your message for Jongie anonymously on tumblr if you are overly concerned about privacy. I will include your message, but just be aware without any way to contact you, I won’t be able to enter you into the draw.

Contact me if you have any questions!

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140723 Show Champion Comeback: Diamond and Back - Lee Sungjong
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Jacket Photoshoot, Hojong version

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Sungjong in “Back” on Show Champion

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woohyun being diss due to his hairstyle
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